Blockchain: proving
authorship and protection from piracy

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    We help you to protect your intellectual property

    If you want to prevent third parties from unlawful use of your intellectual property, you have to register the authorship right.

    You can also send back to yourself a CD with intellectual property stored on it or pay a notary for registration of such right (approx. USD 100). At the same time, you can easily save time and money by depositing your work to the public blockchain.

    We can deposit your authorship to the Waves blockchain for RUB 499 (approx. 8$)

    Our platform Deponent records information to the Waves blockchain - the immutable data register - maintained on hundreds of computers all around the world.

    We will save to the Waves blockchain the unique cryptographic message of your work which is called hash. Hash of any file changes beyond recognition if the initial file was changed. Therefore, if we store the hash in the immutable register (blockchain) we can always prove that the author of the record had in his possession the deposited work at the moment when the hash was recorded to the blockchain.

    We can help you to protect your authorship rights in court

    We will provide you with explanations on how to use blockchain to prove your authorship in a court.